Can’t find the bulb for your slide projector?

Inherited a ton of slides and don’t know what to do with them? No problem! Bring in your old slides and we’ll turn them all into modern day digital files so they can be enjoyed once again.

How it works:

35mm slides are considered standard.
All other sizes are considered non-standard and additional charges apply. Slides are scanned with an air cleaning process; however, lint, dust and scratches are common on stored slides. 35mm slide scans are approximately 4496×3000 pixels in size. Upgrade options with higher resolution scans are available upon request.

  • Bring in your slides and/or negatives to be scanned and digitized.
  • A few days later, you’ll return to pick up your digital storage device (DVD, USB drive, external drive, cloud storage location, etc.), which will contain each scanned/digitized image as a .jpg file.
  • Your memorabilia is cared for by our trained archiving experts, who will treat your materials with the utmost care.
  • Your items never leave our property or get shipped away.
  • All originals are returned to you after the process is complete.

Preparing slides for scanning:

Which side is the front?
Typically, you can tell which is the front side of a slide, because it will either have a date or a number printed on it. The back of the slide will typically have the processor’s mark (such as Kodak or Kodachrome). If you encounter a slide that says “this side toward screen,” that is the back side of the slide. If there are no markings at all, the shiny emulsion side is the front and the dull side is the back.

  • Loose slides OR full slide carousels are preferred. Please remove slides from envelopes, sleeves or other storage devices.
  • Please remove metal casing on slides prior to drop off.
  • In a slide carousel, arrange all slides facing horizontally. Images will be rotated after scanning.
  • Stack all slides horizontally, emulsion side down (dull side down).
  • Slides may be scanned in order within each specific format only. Write the order number on the mounts of mounted slides.

We keep your treasures safe and local.

We never recommend shipping away family archives, treasured photos and irreplaceable home movies. It’s too risky. The Print Refinery – West Bloomfield has been professionally preserving memories for 30+ years.

Scanning Services: