Sometimes collaborating with an expert is all that’s needed to take your project from great to magnificent! Design services at Hite Photo

Our passionate team of consultants is here to inspire and empower your inner artist. We are storytellers and educators with expertise in technology, photography, graphics, branding and marketing. With design services at Hite Photo, let us help you create something innovative and unique for your next project.

design services

Here are just a few projects on which an expert opinion or artistic eye can elevate your idea:

  • Collage wall décor and photo collections
  • Custom holiday greeting card design
  • Photographic editing and design
  • Event or party signage, posters and favors
  • Personalized stationery
  • Custom photo book design
  • Graphic design
  • Monogram creation
  • Wedding, Graduation, Birth announcement stationery
  • Memorial materials + keepsakes

Let Hite Photo design services help you make that great layout for your visual project. We serve Metro Detroit, Oakland County and the entire region around west Bloomfield. We have the local knowledge and decades of experience that you want to make a great photo or graphic statement. Not only can we help with design, but we also have the output capabilities to print and finish many types of projects. With our direct-to-suface printing capabilites, we can show you exciting new ways to make photo gifts, promotional items and a wide range of printed goods. With our deep understanding of photographic processes, we are your local expert. Why local? We are your source for local pickup, local dropoff and decades of excellent customer service.